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Demo Session

1:15 PM — 2:15 PM EDT
Oct 13 Tue, 1:15 PM — 2:15 PM EDT

Demo: Fully-Digital Beamforming Demonstration with Pi-Radio mmWave SDR Platform

A. Dhananjay, K. Zheng, M. Mezzavilla, D. Shasha, S. Rangan

Pi-Radio's vision is to democratize wireless research by providing advanced mmWave Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms to the community at plainly affordable price points. Pi-Radio's v1 SDR product features a 4-channel fully-digital transceiver that operates in the 57-64 GHz band. Fully-digital (a.k.a. MIMO) transceiver architectures enable multiple simultaneous TX/RX beams, standing in stark contrast with phased arrays featuring analog beamformers that are capable of transmitting/receiving only one beam at a time. This opens up a whole set of exciting research problems to work on, across virtually every layer of the protocol stack. In this demo, the team will: (1) prove the correct formation of different TX/RX beams by applying geometrically determined beamforming weights, and (2) prove the benefits of fully-digital beamforming by transmitting four independent streams of data with an OFDM-based physical layer.

Demo: DANGER - a Drones Aided Network for Guiding Emergency and Rescue operations

A. Coletta, G. Maselli, M. Piva, D. Silvestri

Has now become more important than ever to guarantee an always present connectivity to users, especially in emergency scenarios. However, in case of a disaster, network infrastructures are often damaged, with consequent connectivity disruption, isolating users when are more in need for information and help. Drones may supply with a recovery network, thanks to their capabilities to provide network connectivity on the fly. However, users typically need special devices or applications to reach these networks, reducing their applicability and adoption. To tackle this problem we present DANGER, a framework able to create a mesh networks of drones, which can be reached by any smartphone with WiFi. DANGER is highly flexible and does not require any special application: all connected devices can chat, with voice and videos, through a simple web-application. The DANGER network is completely distributed, can work even partitioned or incase of drones failures.

Demo: Scaling Composite NFV-Network Services

J. Baranda, J. Mangues-Bafalluy, L. Vettori, R. Martínez

The composition of NFV-network services (NSs) helps 5G networks to provide the required flexibility and dynamicity to satisfy the needs of vertical industries. The mentioned capabilities are required not only at instantiation time but also during operation time to maintain the corresponding service level agreements in the presence of changing network conditions. In this demonstration, we present the capabilities of the 5Growth platform to handle the scaling of composite NSs under different situations. In particular, we show the scaling of a composite NS implying the update of the required deployed nested NS components and its interconnections but also how the scaling of a shared single NS entails updates on its associated composite Nss.

Demo: Visualizing the Bitcoin's OP_RETURN operator

J. Mols, E. Vasilomanolakis

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most used distributed ledger technology nowadays. Bitcoin’s OP_RETURN operator allows for saving arbitrary data on the blockchain. This comes as an extension of Bitcoin’s core usage (i.e. cryptocurrency) and opens up a multitude of use cases. These range from benign applications (e.g. owner-ship of a digital/physical asset) to illegal/malicious scenarios (e.g. blockchain-based botnets). In this paper, we present a system that provides advanced analytic and visual capabilities with regard to the OP_RETURN operator. Furthermore, we showcase a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the OP_RETURN along with a number of interesting findings.

Session Chair

Francesco Restuccia and Salvatore D'Oro

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